Complete hardware and software reports about your PC


  • Complete reports
  • Fast system scans
  • Reports are saved as ZIP files
  • You can share them by email
  • You can choose between portable or standard installation


  • Formatting fails if you select all elements

Very good

Whether you're a professional system admin or just a standard computer user, it's always a good idea to learn about the characteristics of your computer.

LookInMyPC performs a complete system analysis and creates a highly detailed report including all the hardware and software installed and configured on your system. The program is really easy to install and doesn't require any technical skills.

To use LookInMyPC, simply select the elements you want to include in the system analysis, click the Generate Report button and wait for the program to do its job. The report is automatically generated in HTML after a few seconds, and displayed on your default web browser straight away. The only problem is that it doesn't seem to be properly formatted, especially if you select all the available elements.

All the reports generated in LookInMyPC are saved as ZIP files and sorted by date and time. You can also send them by email from the program, and compare the results obtained in two different reports.

With LookInMyPC you can generate complete software and hardware reports in just a few seconds.




User reviews about LookInMyPC

  • by Anonymous

    This software makes it so easy to get the details of PC's. Simple to use. Options to send to e-mails are ...   More